How much does it cost?

The following ticket types are available:

 1 Day Adult1 Week Adult
ABC Dundee Zone£5.00£17.90
ABC East Fife zone£11.20£38.00
ABC Dundee + East Fife zone£15.20£53.50

You can buy and load an ABC product on to your smartcard from any bus driver when you start your first journey of the day or week. You can also buy ABC products from the Seagate bus station, Xplore Dundee travel shop on Commercial Street or from St Andrews bus station.

Unfortunately, if you lose your smartcard, you will lose any remaining value that was stored on it.

Price of a Smartcard

If you don’t have a smartcard or NEC, you can buy one of these from drivers of Stagecoach and Moffat & Williamson buses for £1.00. Xplore Dundee sell their branded smartcards at their travel shop on Commercial Street.